What is the pass

From the earliest times, the laying on of hands is one of the formulas used by people to help the sick or to take away from them the evil of spiritual influences. In many parts of the Bible, we see Jesus and his disciples laying their hands on the needy, praying to God that they would heal them. Jesus made great use of this practice and said that if we wished, we could do the same. And since that time man has used this resource to relieve, comfort, improve and even heal physical and spiritual illnesses.

Before the advent of Spiritism, little was known about the practice of this custom. The healing phenomena were wrapped in mysteries and regarded as supernatural events.

At least publicly, no one ventured to give an account of the strange power of their hands to heal and alleviate physical and spiritual ills. With the arrival of the Spiritist Doctrine, the higher spirits explained the reason for things. They taught that the hands served as an instrument for the projection of magnetized fluids, donated by the operator, and spiritual fluids, brought by the Spirits. According to them, the healing fluids were absorbed by the needy person through the vital centers (chakras), accumulators and distributors of energies, located in the perispirit and by the astral body that acts like a sponge. Thus, in theory, the healings promoted by Jesus and by the healers of all time were explained.

Among us, followers of Allan Kardec, the laying on of hands on a creature with the intention of alleviating suffering, curing it of some evil, or simply strengthening it, became known as a “pass.”

The pass is one of the methods used in spiritist centers for the relief or healing of people’s sufferings. When delivered in faith, the pass is capable of producing true prodigies. They aim at the rebalancing of the physical and spiritual body.

The person giving the Pass

The passer is the one who ministers the pass. Being a spiritist passive is a task of great responsibility, because it is about helping and blessing people in the name of God. People in need and thirst for improvement, seek in the spiritist center the appeal of the pass as a way of relieving psychological pressures and support for their moral and physical strength.

The passer does not have to be a saint, but needs to strive for intimate improvement and intellectual learning. Armed with the sincere desire to serve, almost all beginners can work in this sacred ministry. The passer must seek to live a healthy life, both physically and morally. Gradually, earthly vices have to give way to virtues. Cigarette and beverage use should be avoided. As the passive gives itself a part of the fluids that will strengthen the material and spiritual side of the needy, these fluids need to be cleansed of deleterious vibrations from addictions.

In the mental aspect, the passist must cultivate good thoughts in his daily life. Pride, selfishness, slander, exaggerated sensuality, and violence in attitudes must be fought constantly. Higher Spirituality associates teams of Benefactors with struggling workers, multiplying their capacity for service.

Rational faith and certainty in the protection of good spirits are feelings that must be present in the hearts of all passers-by. It is fundamental in the work of passing, to give oneself sincerely to the task under his responsibility, seeing in every sufferer a soul lacking in protection and guidance.

The passer must have no preference for anyone. Your help should be equally distributed to all creatures. The passer’s high moral standards are essential if he is to obtain a satisfactory result in the pass service.

Therefore, we can all give passes, but a minimum moral preparation is necessary in order to make aid as effective as possible. Like all tasks performed within the spiritist center, it also lacks the care and attention of those who propose to do it.

“As it is given to all to appeal to good spirits, to pray and to want the good, it is often enough to lay hands on the pain to calm it, is what anyone can do if it brings faith, fervor, will and Trust in God “- (Allan Kardec – Spiritist Magazine, September, 1865).

What does it take to be a good passer?

Allan Kardec instructs us: “The first condition for this is to work on your own (moral and ethical) debugging in order not to alter the salutary fluids you are charged with. This condition could not be fulfilled without the utmost disinterest Material and moral, the first is the easiest, and the second is the rarest, because pride and selfishness are feelings difficult to eradicate, and because various causes contribute to the overexciting of mediums “(Allan Kardec – Spiritist Magazine , November, 1866).