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 Take a few minutes and watch this video. No matter what you previously thought of reincarnation, this is a really compelling story.

The Law of Cause and Effect X the law of action and reaction (by Rodrigo Machado Tavares, B.Eng.; MS.c.; Ph.D.) We live in this infinite universe created by God, our Father. Consequently, everyone and everything within the universe is subjected to God´s Laws (or as some say: nature´s laws). This truth is well explained by […]

First, we must establish what is “truth” is a word formed from the Latin word “fidem” (faith, trust, belief) and “eatatem” (age, period, era) and means “quality” true “,” loyalty ‘consciousness and firmness in the affections and feelings, “” perseverance, “etc. And we all know that was Kardec: Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, emeritus professor, born […]