• 07 November 2009

Jesus imposed His hands over the sick and transmitted health to them. His loving power knew the slightest imbalances of Nature and the resources to restore the indispensable harmony to it. Not one of the Divine Master’s actions lacked significance.

Recognizing this fact, His disciples began to lay their fraternal hands in the name of the Master and became instruments of His Divine Mercy.

Now, in revived Christianity, we once again benefit from a rescue effort from the invisible plane through passes. The administration of passes as psychic transfusions of energy represents a continuation of the Master’s work to alleviate suffering in the world. This is how precious spiritual energies flow from Christ’s Messengers to donors and beneficiariesIt would be audacity on the part of the new disciples, to expect results as sublime as the ones obtained by Jesus when He healed the disabled, the disturbed or dying persons.

The Master knows, while we are merely learning. It is necessary, however, not to neglect His lesson, and continue the Masters’ work through use of fraternal hands.Jesus’ providential service can be extended wherever there may be a sincere mental disposition for the good; the external method is not important. It is up to us to recognize that good can and should be done in His name.

Emmanuel / Francisco C. Xavier – Caminho, Verdade e Vida (Path, Truth and Life)