Fidelity to Kardec – Ivone Molinaro Ghiggino

  • 10 July 2010

First, we must establish what is “truth” is a word formed from the Latin word “fidem” (faith, trust, belief) and “eatatem” (age, period, era) and means “quality” true “,” loyalty ‘consciousness and firmness in the affections and feelings, “” perseverance, “etc.

And we all know that was Kardec: Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, emeritus professor, born in the French city of Lyon (3/Outubro/1804) and disembodied in Paris (31/Marco/1869). Mission of Christ, he faced the grim situation in Europe in the nineteenth century, when criticism of nihilism pessimism rampant materialism probably caused by the severe domain, until then, imposing actual religions traditional “pedagogy of fear” (eternal punishment, hell, excommunication, etc. .) this caused a lack of faith in many people, creating a serious moral crisis in the lands of the Old World, where, after breathing liberating the French Revolution, much blood was shed, well, where numerous civil wars, military and even spiritual (due to the defection of religious doctrines).

The terrestrial humanity once again needed relief: no more revelation of Jesus (Good News) but his understanding and respect: the coming of the Comforter promised!

For this, Kardec (pseudonym adopted by Hippolyte) was chosen appropriate to the size of the missionary task, he has done with all your effort and dedication, hard work and sacrifice to organize and codify the Doctrine of Spirits. This is evident on the first page of “The Book of Spirits,” Benefactors of the Greater Plan reads: “Principles of Spiritist Doctrine: the immortality of the soul, the nature of spirits and their relations with men, the moral law, the present life , life after death and the future of humanity – according to the teachings given by the Superior Spirits, with the participation of various mediums – received and coordinated by Allan Kardec. ”

Also there, in the “Introduction” says: “… was written by order and by the dictates of superior minds, to lay the foundations for a rational philosophy, free from the prejudices of the spirit of the system. It does not contain anything that is not the expression the thought of them and was not examined by them. Just to methodical and distribution of materials as well as the notes and the shape of some parts of the text of work that are received by the mission to publish. “And it’s signed by San Juan Evangelista, San Augustine, Saint Vincent de Paul, St. Louis, The Spirit of Truth, Socrates, Plato, Fenelon, Franklin, Swedenborg, etc.

Thus we see that being true to Kardec, means being faithful to the Spiritist Doctrine! So, being faithful to the teachings in the Standard and the works that came to complement the authors of trust (disembodied and embodied) by clarifying philosophical, scientific, rational and lucid as Andre Luiz, Emmanuel, Yvonne Payne, Joanna de Angelis, Manoel P. Miranda, Jorge Andrea and others, who in any way injure the purity of doctrine.

Some people claim that recklessly Kardec is archaic, outdated, forgetting that in reality, they are referring to the Spiritualism … They are begging again, neglecting, foolishly, repeated explanations of disembodied enlightened, venture out into doctrinal deviations.

In 1931, Pedro Leopoldo (Chico Xavier, where he lived), Emmanuel recommended that he should seek, above all, the teachings of Jesus and Kardec. And if he ever, Emmanuel, to advise him something that does not agree with Jesus, Kardec, must be kept on them and give advice. But it never happened!

Bezerra de Menezes said on psychographics of Chico: “He who is dedicated to science, which grow with dignity dedicated to philosophy, which celebrates its assumptions, and is dedicated to religion, which is divine aspirations, but that the foundation created by Kardec remains in everything and everyone, not to lose balance on the basis that built the doctrine of the organization. “He added:” The love of Jesus, above all: the truth of Kardec for everyone. ”

Therefore, in our thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as in the many activities in our homes spiritualists, be faithful to Kardec, that is, be faithful to the Spiritist Doctrine (“Christianity revived”), or be faithful Jesus!